Hi there! I'm Jan Hendrickx: Web Designer

This is my site, so have a look around, and if, for some reason you want to contact me, feel free to do so. I'm currently totally redesigning my site (I'm gonna rewrite the content too since this is quite outdated :-).


So who am I?

Well, I graduated as an insurance broker in 2005 and have been working as such until last year. It was the year of my 30th birthday, and I began to wonder if I wanted to sell insurance for the rest of my life, whether or not I wanted to take over my dad's business.

After a long time of pondering over it (and some R&R in New York City with some good friends) I decided to follow my heart and start something different, something that would fit me more. So I decided to call it quits in the insurance business, and go for a job where I can find lots more pleasure in, one I'd absolutely love!

And thus the search began; what do I want my future to look like? Before starting my insurance broker studies I've studied one year of advertising design in Antwerp, and I've always been intrigued by design, art, music & technology. How does this translate in my day to day life? Well: I am a DJ for over 10 years, I organize small parties and design its posters, play the guitar, bass guitar & a little bit of saxophone, I'm a beginning producer in Ableton, love to visit festivals and concerts, like to go to exhibits/museums and I like to take pictures whenever I take my DSLR camera with me (or my iPhone, although some photographers will call that blasphemy) and I've got a soft spot for new technologies/gadgets.

Putting all these pieces together it became clear: I wanted to do something more creative. I discovered, after talking to a career counselor, that I could combine 2 of my passions (design and new technologies) in a professional career: Web design!

Since that decision everything went quite fast: I had to take some admission tests and got admitted at CVO Heusden Zolder where I followed a web design crash course. And since then I've officially graduated as web designer. But web design doesn't really say anything, does it?

Let me sum up what my skills are:

  • Programs:
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • InDesign
  • Social Media:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Code:
  • HTML4 & HTML5
  • CSS(3)
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • JSON
  • PHP
  • CMS:
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Other:
  • SEO
  • Photography


Does what it says on the tin, so have a look at some of my works, or works I worked on as web designer, web developer or front-end developer.

Thumbnail Janhendrickx.be

My own Portfolio Site

www.janhendrickx.be Of course I designed and coded my own site :). It's responsive (using media queries for smaller screens, and a small Javascript code to detect mobile devices (phones)). I used Page Transistions with CSS3 as a start, but added some extras like a full screen picture background, and the colors change per link. The portfolio part of it is different too, I integrated Circular Content Carousel for the design, but editted it so pictures and the little CSS3 sites open up with Fancybox. The site has got SEO, and works in all browsers untill IE8. And since it's a onepage site I decided to let it load in with jPreloader to let the visitor know that the site is loading.

View home page
Thumbnail Oudjaar Poster


Poster This is one of the very first decent posters I ever made, and since I still like it I thought I'd mention it.

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Thumbnail Ninja CSS sprite

Ninja warrior

CSS Sprite Animation A little something I did using sprites.

See it in action
Thumbnail The Fucking YouGuys logo

The Fucking YouGuys

Logo and site Since I'm in a DJ duo it came in handy I'm a web designer, so I designed our site. It's currently back under construction - and I'm going to redesign it, but since people sometimes book us via our site I linked it to our Facebook page, that I update frequently. Our site is horrably outdated though, I need to find some time to redesign it!

Thumbnail Ploegbaas logo


Label, Glass & Coaster Label for a local beer. Made in Photoshop and Illustrator. The site is in the works too and I'll hope to get it online soon.

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Thumbnail CSS3 transitions

Rock The Boat

CSS transitions A little something I made using CSS3 transitions.

See it in action
Thumbnail CSS3 transitions

404 Mask

CSS keyframes And this is a little something I made using CSS3 keyframes.

See it in action
Thumbnail Het Visioen

Het Visioen

Het Visioen Production Company I'm still working on this one; The original site is still online, but the design was that bad that I decided to help 'em out and re-slice the site and put in a parallax to add some animation to the site.

View the new site
Thumbnail DJWorx


DJWorx I've been visiting the site DJWorx for ages to stay up-to-date with new DJ stuff, and the creator asked for help via Facebook regarding the social media part of it. He wanted to make it faster; it had a Google PageSpeed of 71 before I started working on it, and it ended up reaching 92 after uploading my code and sprites.

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Thumbnail redesigned Fucking YouGuys site

youguys.be Redesign

The Fucking YouGuys Since our old Fucking YouGuys site was a bit outdated I decided to redesign it. The navigation is a custom version of a navigation I've found in the webdesigner magazine, the rest of the javascript/jQuery is written by myself. There's still some work on it (e.g. the responsive site on iPhone is still a bit buggy, and I've still got to check cross browser compatibility), but it'll be totally done one of these days!

View the site.
Thumbnail proef

Just a test

Just testing out a flat design onepage website A company where that got my resume asked me to do a test, and since I've wanted to test my skills in flat design I gave it a go and this is what came out. I'm happy about it, even that happy that I might convert my 'old portfolio site' (the one you're looking at right now) into this design. Don't know for shure though, I'll see. This isn't responsive at all, but, if I convert the design, I'll handle all of that as well!

View the site.


Oh hi! You're interested enough to even click all the way through 'till this page; this is the moment of truth! This, my dear visitor, is the end of the line... Time for action!!!

Feel free to contact me via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. In case you haven't noticed them: the links are in the top right corner of my site.

And if you're more into mailing me: feel free to do so